About Me

Danny McGoughDanny McGough, BSc (1st Hons), PGCEHE, FHEA

I work for Coventry University as a Lecturer in BIM with a strong research focus in sustainable retrofitting, simulation and BIM.

I’ve worked as a primary investigator as a BIM consultant on projects focusing on the integration of BIM protocols, Technology and processes into existing company structures.

Further specific research outputs include investigating the impact and value of BIM to building management and retrofit. Testing model validation, quality and interoperability.

One of the major aspects of my work is working as part of the team that is responsible for integrating BIM into the undergraduate and post graduate courses. Creating innovative teaching and delivery methods for delivering BIM into Coventry’s curriculum.

In a former life before embarking on a career in Academia I spent over 10 years working across the UK on various construction projects, domestic, commercial and industrial. Experiences ranging from my early years with ‘boots on the ground’ on site to later design consultancy work.


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