BIM in a Whole Life Concept

(Exercise support content contained in this article. These articles are developed to support flipped learning approach so some comments are present to direct higher education discussion)

A better understand of BIM considers BIM beyond the concept and design phase of a project. BIM utilised to its best opportunity will consider the whole life of a building, asset or project. The BIM package or Asset Information Model (AIM) can be harnessed to facilitate better data management and data access not only for the design and construction phase but additionally the client and asset/facilities management phase of ownership. And once the building comes to end of life the AIM provides the opportunity to harness valuable asset data to ensure a better informed reuse or demolition phase. This whole life instills a circular strategy in the utilisation of the BIM or AIM.

Flipped session:

Watch these two videos


  • Consider the impact of BIM during the refurbishment of a building or project
  • What are the potential benefits in using or BIM as a process in refurbishment?
  • What are the potential benefits of having an AIM model in regards to the whole life of a building?
  • What specific information could be utilised in the Opex (operational expense, operational expenditure) or ongoing running costs phase of a project by building management teams?
  • What is more important reducing Capex or reducing Opex costs and how does the impact differ depending on stakeholder standpoint?
  • From the videos what impact does a whole life approach have on data retention?
  • What are the issues with multiple sources of information? (The Crossrail article refers to a ‘single source of truth’)
  • Considering previous flipped content on recycling of waste how can an AIM support the process?
  • If using BIM in the future what aspects would you adopt to assist you in a refurbishment project?



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