Forming Teams – Steve Austin

This video is designed to provide a starting point awareness of forming teams and collaboration.

At Coventry University we have been running a number of modules using a flipped approach. The Flipped approach that we have adopted is to have students review a directed collection of theory outside of the classroom, which then frees up the ‘lecture’ time to work through activity based discussion and content. The idea is to make better use of the contact time we have.

Links to Coventry University, where we have a selection of courses that include, Group work, BIM and Construction –  Click link here

All unique images within the video are created by myself unless otherwise referenced within. If information is sourced it will be referenced and used for tutorial and teaching purposes with an aim of improving knowledge and understanding.

I have all rights to distribute this video through my colleague and the presenter Stephan Austin. I myself was technical lead, and editor of all content. I have, as an employer of Coventry University prior permission to use this media logo’s. This material and its content is copyright of Danny McGough and Stephan Austin unless other wise stated as referenced material as above – ArchiTECT-BIM 2015. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited


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