What impact will BIM have on you?

(Exercise support content contained in this article. These articles are developed to support flipped learning approach so some comments are present to direct higher education discussion)

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry is going through quite a substantial change period as its adapting to new collaborative working processes. Many existing industry practitioners, new to the industry and those with vast experience are also going through a personal transition phase as the industry moves closer towards the BIM perspective.

Regardless of whether you are coming from a resistant position towards BIM or from an open adopter one thing that can’t be argued is the progression towards greater digital and technology adoption within the industry. The increasing curve in digital immersion and adoption will remain strong. Specification documents such as thePAS 1192-2:2013 are in active circulation providing a strong platform of guidance with BS 1192-4:2014 actually already set as a British Standard in September 2015 setting the code of practice for Construction Operations Building Information Exchange. The form of this progression will continue to evolve and change as the years pass but one thing is for sure, better collaboration and more efficient processes will always be a natural driver ensuring the drive towards increased collaboration and digital fluency as a ‘process’ is here to stay.

Some key considerations as we progress through this process are what the impact will be on us as individuals.  The degree of cultural change and shock will naturally vary depending on the past, current and future personal position. For some it will be a slight change such as recent graduates or those about to enter the industry whilst for other it may be a major shock to the system with a substantial impact in the way you work.

Flipped classroom considerations:

  1. Read the above article
  2. Read this article with graduate reflections on entering industry click link here
  3. Watch the video and read the article here click link here

Discussion points:

  • What impact has BIM had on you personally, if any?
  • What impact will BIM have on you personally?
  • Why should you adopt BIM?
  • How will BIM impact your profession?
  • What aspects of BIM do you find interesting and going forward what would you like to learn more about?
  • From content 3, what are the critical areas that each discipline is focused on?
  • Again from point 3, what benefits are proposed to each discipline discussed?

Please feel free to add comments on the discussion set above.


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